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Rector's instructions 2020/01 related to the introduction of emergency measures

Dear Students,

According to the instructions of the Secretary of State in charge, I as the Rector of Wekerle Business School have ordered to have a break at the college on 12th and 13th March, and to have a spring holiday between 16th and 20th March. During these periods the students are not allowed to attend school. They are also strongly recommended not to travel abroad, but to stay at the place of their accommodation.

From 23rd March until further notice tuition will be pursued through distance teaching. A detailed description of how exactly this is going to be implemented in our college will be announced during the spring holiday.

During the break, the spring holiday and the distance teaching period all the teachers and staff members of the college will be required to work their regular hours, but every administrative task related to students will have to be completed in a digital mode.

I will be keeping the students, teachers and staff members of the college informed about all related developments and instructions, and am requesting you to abide by the measures of the Hungarian authorities.


Imre Balogh PhD


Foundation Programmes

Foundation Programme courses have been designed for students who are below the minimum level of English required to enter the standard WBS BA programmes.

Foundation Programme for Medical Studies

Intensive semester is available from February

The Foundation Programme for Medical Studies Program has been designed for students who would like to continue their studies at one of the medical universities in Hungary, and who, therefore, first need to and wish to extend and deepen their knowledge in the subjects required at the entrance examinations of those universities.

BA Programmes

The aim of the programme is to train professionals who will have acquired the necessary economic and business knowledge and skills as well as sales and marketing expertise to successfully work in the acquisition and sales of both products and services, while always following market demand.

Students of the BA programme in Business Administration and Management will study the operations of companies and the behaviour of business organisations, but they will also learn about entrepreneurship, leadership, project management and many other areas of business management.

Post-Graduate Specialist Diploma Programmes

The aim of the programme is to train professionals who - possessing extensive knowledge - are capable of developing a strategic approach in order to ensure the survival and development of enterprises, possess decision-making skills, understand international economy and able to manage human resources, organizations and other activities of enterprises.

Students of the programme will learn how they can manage the marketing of a business, or the marketing of products and services. They will have the opportunity to improve their creativity and efficiency as well as their interpersonal and communication skills, which will enable them to work both independently and as members of a team creating successful marketing campaigns.
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