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Commerce and Marketing BA


Tuition fee: USD 2450/semester,
Application fee USD 350 (non-refundable)
Please note that the tuition fee for the 1st semester and a deposit of USD 500 for the 2nd semester has to be paid in advance.

For more detailed information please contact us at info@wbsc-h.eu.

What students say about us:

beatrixI am glad to have studied Commerce and Marketing at WBS as the courses were taught by excellent tutors who have a wide range of experience and unquestionable expertise in their fields. With my degree I have a wider range of options to find employment. Due to the multidirectional training programme, one can find jobs in many fields. During the three years my experiences were only positive as a very friendly student community was formed. I recommend the programme to all those who wish to pursue a career in the field of economics.

Beatrix Szatmári
Graduate student

Commerce and Marketing programme

dr. Pénzes IbolyaOur students acquire theoretical knowledge through a practical approach in one of the most popular BA programmes, whilst improving their skills in terms of independent and group work. They have a great opportunity to study commercial companies and economic organizations, to understand and predict market processes and to learn about consumer behaviour. They study in a pleasant and inspiring atmosphere while participating in a European accredited BA programme.The skills and knowledge acquired throughout the programme will enable our students to work in the fields of advertising, marketing planning, PR, e-business, sales and other related areas of commerce and marketing, as well as successfully cooperatingwith participants in the market. After completing the programme students will possess up-to-date knowledge, and will become economists with degrees in commerce and marketing, with excellent communication skills. So they will have excellent possibilities to find employment relevant to their professional interests, as well as to seek promotional possibilities or to improve their businesses in the area of marketing and commerce. They will also be able to use their acquired knowledge in other fields of economics.

Dr. Ibolya Pénzes 
Programme Director

Programme: BA in Commerce and Marketing

The aim of the programme is to train professionals who will have acquired the necessary economic and business knowledge and skills as well as sales and marketing expertise to successfully work in the acquisition and sales of both products and services, while always following market demand. Not only will they be able to organise and manage the sales activities of small and medium- sized businesses as well as being able to find employment at large international companies. By the end of the programme they will have acquired sufficient knowledge to continue their studies in a Master’s programme.

Graduates of the BA programme will have an in-depth knowledge of

  • the social, economic and market environment, its processes, organisations, principles and development trends
  • the definition and concept, apparatus and methodology of marketing in the business as well as in the non-profit sector
  • the role of marketing in the operation of companies and institutions as well as its relation to various processes and functions of the organisation
  • the processes of consumer and customer behaviour, consumer protection
  • the processes of sales and business transactions along with legal and ethical requirements
  • the operation and structure of commercial businesses, the main working processes and techniques of commercial activity
  • logistic processes
  • methods and background of e-business
  • decision-making processes of short and medium term marketing, the recognition of abrupt shifts in the market and ways of adapting to them.

Number of ECTS credits necessary to obtain a BA degree in Commerce and Marketing: 180 +30 credit points

  1. minimum number of credits allocated to the core courses of the training branch: 80 credit points
  2. minimum number of credits allocated to specialization courses: 27 credit points
  3. minimum number of credits allocated to optional courses: 9 credit points
  4. credits awarded for the thesis: core requirement without credit points
  5. minimum number of credits allocated to practical courses: 72 credit points
  6. credits awarded for job placement: 30 credits points

Graduates with a Bachelor's degree in Commerce and Marketing will be able to:

  • organise and manage the sales activities of small and medium-sized businesses
  • acquire and/or sell various products and/or services
  • perform in a team as well as individually
  • cooperate with suppliers, partners, service providers as well as with other functional fields within an organisation
  • analyse data on advertising, sales promotion and market research; elaborate efficient programmes and supervise their implementation
  • analyse and plan commercial processes and strategy
  • complete certain logistical tasks
  • use commerce and marketing software
  • prepare reports and surveys, communicate efficiently both orally and in writing

Level of Qualification as indicated in the certificate: Bachelor level (baccalaureus, bachelor: BA)

Degree earned: BA in Commerce and Marketing
Field of training: economic sciences
Training branch: business
Language of instruction: English
Language of degree: English
Length of programme: 6 semesters + related work experience (placement) worth an extra 30 credits
Entry level of English required: IELTS 6.0.

  • Agricultural Marketing and Management
  • Business Administration
  • Sport Marketing and Management
  • Tourism, Hospitality and Catering

Curriculum areas (crucial in terms of qualifications)

Foundation courses in economy, methodology and business: 80-90 credits
mathematics, statistics, information technology, micro- and macroeconomics, international economics, finance, business economics, commercial law, marketing, accounting, management, business communication, foreign language for business purposes, environmental economics, foundation courses in business studies;

Social science courses: 10-20 credits
the EU, general and economic law, economic history , sociology, psychology, philosophy;

Professional courses: 70-90 credits
Corporate management, economics of commerce, marketing management, organization behaviour, corporate finance, marketing research, foreign trade techniques, marketing communication, logistics, media economics, as well as a specialisation that provides the student with special expertise in an area within the wider field of commerce and marketing. The special expertise thus acquired will be indicated on the degree issued by the institution.

What students say about us:

eva galambosI could meet lecturers who shed light on new perspectives by their professional know-how, and help me with my professional career. As a proud employee of IBM, I can say that my current position was founded by the knowledge, skills and results that I achieved at WBS. As a Golden Graduate of WBS, I recommend the school to all who seek to improve and acquire profound knowledge in the field of economics.


Éva Galambos
Graduate Student

Work experience (internship):

Work placement is worth maximum 30 credits, excluding the credit points necessary to obtain the BA degree. WBS aids all its students by organising internship at leading companies.
Name of institution: Wekerle Sándor Üzleti Főiskola
Name in English: Wekerle Business School
Head of institution: Imre Balogh PhD
Central telephone number: + + 36-1/50-174-50
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Central website address: www.wbsc-h.eu
Central address: H-1083 Budapest, Jázmin utca 10.
Year founded: 2008
International Affairs: info@wbsc-h.eu
Language(s) of instruction: English
Academic year: from October to June
Institution’s registration number: FI50782
Commerce and Marketing program
accreditation number:
MAB 2006/6/X/3/21.

ISO 9001WBS is committed to offering a high standard of education and in order to guarantee this quality the Business School acquired the ISO 9001: 2000 qualification. /www.iso.org/

MABHungarian Accreditation Committee (HAC) is an independent association that assures the quality of Hungarian tertiary education institutes. WBS has acquired the HAC accreditation and thanks to the association we can ensure a continous high standard of education. /www.mab.hu/

ECDLECDL Foundation is a certifying authority. Their mission is to endow students with proficient computer skills in 148 countries at 24.000 centres. After completing the programme students acquire an internationally recognized certificate. /www.ecdl.org/

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