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European Business Management Program

The program is designed for business managers in China in order to help them in their business activities in Europe.

Aims: • giving relevant information for the Chinese managers on the European economy, and especially on the Central and East European countries (Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic);
  • helping understanding of the latest business methods of the region, including marketing, cross cultural management, business development management, and related topics;
  • by visiting neighboring countries (as Austria, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia) help understand specificities of European culture and lifestyle;
  • case studies would be presented and analyzed during the program in order to help understanding economy of the region;
  • at last but not least, team building of the participants, strengthening the cohesion of the group.

Professors of the program are from the most prestigious Hungarian and international business schools and/or are experts with relevant business experiences (CVs attached).

Syllabus of the program approx. 80 hours:

Doing Business in the CEE Countries

15 contact hours

The course gives an introduction to the business climate in the Central Eastern European countries. This introduction will help students to understand business activities in the region and helps to identify business opportunities. A short overview of the history of the region helps the participants to understand the basic specificities of the economic activities of the region. Introduction to the CEE countries, a short economic history of the region

  1. Economic Transition in the early 90s and its specific tendencies
  2. The 2008-2012 Crisis amongst CE countries as well as the after crisis developments
  3. Business conditions (taxation, legal conditions) in the region
  4. Specificities of Hungarian Economy
  5. Major activities
  6. Most important companies
  7. Business conditions in Europe and the region.
  8. Foreign trade and foreign investment possibilities in the region
Market Penetration Methods in Europe
Cross Cultural Management
Business Development for Managers
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Commerce and Marketing program
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MAB 2006/6/X/3/21.

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ECDLECDL Foundation is a certifying authority. Their mission is to endow students with proficient computer skills in 148 countries at 24.000 centres. After completing the programme students acquire an internationally recognized certificate. /www.ecdl.org/

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