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Fees and Finances

Payment of application, tuition and other fees:

Application fee for all Programmes is: 150 EUR 
(valid from 1st May, 2021, one-time payment, including the fee of the Legal Assistance, non-refundable)


Foundation Program for Medical Studies (1):

Tuition fee: 4150 EUR / one intensive semester (from Feb to May)


Foundation Program for Medical Studies (2):

Tuition fee: 3000 EUR / regular semester (from Sep to Jan, and from Jan to April)

Registration fee: 200 EUR

Fee for orientation: 250 EUR


Foundation Programme for Business Studies (in English): 

Tuition fee: 2050 EUR / semester 


Foundation Programme for Business Studies (in German): 

Tuition fee: 2500 EUR / semester – to be paid for 2 semesters upon application


Foundation Programme for Business Informatics: 

Tuition fee: 6300  EUR / 2 semesters 


BA Programmes: 

Tuition fee: 2100 EUR / semester 


Post-graduate Specialist Diploma Programmes:

Marketing Manager:

Tuition fee: 2150 EUR / semester 

Executive MBA:

Tuition fee: 2150 EUR / semester 

Program-designer IT Specialist:

Tuition fee: 6300 EUR / 2 semesters


Payment must be settled as follows:

  1. Only bank-to-bank transfers are accepted.
  2. No money services (for example, Western Union) are an accepted form of payment.
  3. Applicants should cover the costs of the banking fees.
  4. The “message / narrative” section on the transfer sheet should read your
    • full name
    • programme you have applied for
    • date of starting
  5. Your transfer is considered “received” only if the Financial Department of WBS has issued a proof of payment.

Please pay the application and the tuition fee in EUR to the bank account indicated below:


Beneficiary’s address: HU 1083 BUDAPEST JÁZMIN UTCA 10-14.

Currency: EUR

Reference to beneficiary (“message” section):

  • Full name of applicant (as indicated in passport)
  • Fees (application and tuition) for AY 2022/2023
  • Programme
  • Starting date

Beneficiary’s bank’s name, address:

MagnetBank ZRT / H-1062 BUDAPEST, ANDRÁSSY ÚT 98.

Beneficiary's a/c No. (IBAN): HU31 1620 0216 1707 1769 0000 0000

Identification No.: (BLZ; SC; FW): HBWEHUHB

Country code: HU

(Please be very attentive when giving us your bank data. Send us the scanned version of the proof of payment [bank slip] you have received from your bank – the scanned version must be legibly written and must have the seal of the banking institution and bear the date when the fees were transferred.)


On the Business Programmes:

You will be required

  • to pay the Application fee,
  • to pay the Tuition fee for the first semester,
  • and to pay a deposit of 430 EUR for the second semester. 

Further rules concerning payments

From the second semester, Students have the opportunity to pay their tuition fees in instalments, according to the regulation below:



 FY for Business Studies 
Deadline 1  15th February   15th August  430 EUR
Deadline 2   31st March   30th November  1000 EUR
Deadline 3   15th May   15th May  620 EUR 670 EUR 720 EUR

From the second year
, Students who pay the tuition fee in one sum – for the spring semester by 15th February, for the autumn semester by 15th August – are eligible for a discount of 5% from their tuition fee to be paid.

If within the prescribed time period the Student has not completed the requirements in all the subjects of a given Programme as pre-requisites of admitting the Student for the final examination, he/she has to re-take the subjects in question in the following semester, and has to pay a tuition fee of 215 EUR per subject.

Refund Policy:

The pre-paid tuition fee will be refunded after sufficient proof is presented that the visa request of the applicant has been rejected by the Hungarian authorities.

Please, note though that if the applicant is not granted a visa through fault of his/her own, WBS will deduct 5% of the first year’s tuition fee from the tuition fee to be refunded.

If your visa request was not rejected, and your trip to Hungary had to be called off for any reason, you will not be entitled to a refund.

For further details, see our Refund Policy:

How to pay your fees

Only bank-to-bank transfer is considered to be a payment option.

The bank account details of WBS will be provided during the Admission procedure, in our correspondence and in the Conditional Acceptance Letter.

Please note that no credit card payment or payment through money transfer companies (such as Western Union or MoneyGram) is accepted under any circumstances.

Advance payment (prior to obtaining a visa) is obligatory for our international applicants. In certain cases, bank-to-bank payment can be slow, and the timescale is not guaranteed. Ensure that your payment is transferred to the WBS bank account at least 30 days prior to the visa interview. 

Once your fees have been received by our Financial Department, you will be sent an official Acknowledgement of receipt.

Go to any bank where you are allowed to transfer money abroad. Fill in the transfer form correctly. Please do not forget that you must cover the banking expenses of the transaction. Write your full name (in a way that your payment can be easily identified), the name of the programme you have applied for and the school semester you have been admitted to in the “message” / “narrative” section of the transfer sheet. 

Follow the example below:
         Peter Smith tuition fee for the BA Programme for the autumn and spring semesters of AY 2022-2023

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