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Once you have made the decision to study in our college, you can either apply directly to the school, or can turn to one of our representatives for help with the admission process.

Our representatives can assist in both your college and visa application. They have the relevant experience and deal with applications on a daily basis, so they will be able to give you guidance for your particular situation.

10 things your representative can offer to you:

  • they have a contract with WBS, thus they are lawfully authorized representatives of our school
  • they will register your application in our online admission system
  • on the same online system, they will upload all your documents required for the school application; please make sure you send them a copy of all!
  • they will arrange a skype interview with a WBS colleague for you if you do not have an internationally recognised English Language Certificate
  • they will arrange the entrance exam for you, and will provide practice material prior to the exam
  • they will provide help with how to fill in the visa application form,
  • and will also upload your visa documents on our online application system for Legal Assistance
  • they will provide practice for your visa interview
  • in the case of a visa refusal, they will contact the school to write an appeal for you
  • or they will request your tuition fee refund

To find your local representative, contact us here.

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