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Foundation Programme for Business Studies

(delivered in German)

Pre-requisite certificate: GCSE A Level

Required level of German language proficiency: none

Required level of English language proficiency: B1 (IELTS min. 4.0 or TOEFL iBT min. 47)

In the interest of a smooth application, please, study the steps of the process carefully at the following links:

Duration: 2 semesters (from February to July and from September to February)

Form of training: full-time

Number of lessons: 750

Expected outcome level in German: B2
Fees and Finances

NB: For this programme applicants from Iran are exclusively admitted through DreamLand Agency. Please, contact them at office office@dreamlandco.org


Please, click on the button below to register, and note that upon registration you will be requested to pay the registration fee of 150 EUR.

This programme has been designed for students who after the successful completion of the course and the Goethe-Zertifikat B2 language examination would like to continue their studies on a business Bachelor programme either in Hungary or elsewhere in Europe.
Please, note that each course of the programme will demand a considerable amount of out-of-class preparation and self-directed learning. Regular attendance, active participation, completion of in-class and out-of-class assignments are also required. Final grades will be based on continuous assessment and end-term examination results.


General German

Description of course content:
This course will be based on a series of general German coursebooks, and will help students to acquire the basic vocabulary and grammatical rules of the language through the implementation of a student-centred and interactive teaching methodology. New information will always be presented in meaningful contexts, either in reading or listening passages, while the practice of the newly learnt material will lead students from very controlled spoken and written drills through less controlled practice to free role-plays, discussions or writing assignments. The consistent use of professional coursebooks together with the necessary supplementary material will ensure regular revision and consolidation, thus enabling the students to gradually improve to the required outcome level in German.

Business German

Description of course content:
This course aims to develop students’ Gerrman language proficiency in all four skills, while it will also help students to revise and consolidate their knowledge of German grammar, as well as to provide further controlled practice in terms of the grammar structures so that students can apply them with more confidence. The core material on the course will involve a business German course book, which will be supplemented by the tutors according to the students’ needs, and which will allow them to acquire a relatively wide range of business-related vocabulary.

Basic Academic Skills

Description of course content:
This course has been designed to prepare students for pursuing their studies in higher education. Its syllabus will include three areas: study skills, reading skills and basic academic writing. The study skills component will teach students how to effectively manage their own learning: goal setting, monitoring their learning, time management, reflection on achievement and weak areas. The second block will focus on developing students’ reading skills, especially through business-related texts, while the third will teach them the basics of academic writing. Since writing academic papers requires effective data collection as a starting point, within the framework of the course students will also learn how to use available databases, as well as about the ethical use of sources.

European Civilization

Description of course content:
On this course students will study European cultures and the European Union, mainly through reading and listening assignments. The reading or listening input will be followed by discussions, speaking tasks and writing assignments. Students will be invited to make comparisons between their own and different European cultures, which is expected to raise their cultural awareness, and prepare them for successful intercultural communication in Europe. Naturally, the course will amply contribute to the development of students’ German language proficiency.


Description of course content:
The aim of the course is to introduce the most fundamental notions and theorems in Mathematics through the medium of the German language. Mathematics has become a vastly diverse subject over history, and there is a corresponding need to categorize its different areas. Only areas relevant to one’s future studies on various business Bachelor programmes will be covered during the course with the aim of improving one’s specialized German language skills.

Topics to be covered: Foundations, Arithmetic, Linear Algebra, Analysis, Combinatorics, Probability and Applied Mathematics.

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