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Executive MBA
Manager /Economic Specialist
Post-Graduate Specialist Diploma

Title of award: Executive MBA Manager1/ Economic Specialist in Executive MBA Management2
Level of training: Post-Graduate Specialist Training
Field of training: Economics
Pre-requisite degree: BA or BSc degree in any training field1 / BA or BSc degree in the field
Required level of English language proficiency: minimum B2 level (IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL IBT 72 or equivalent)
Duration: 4 semesters
Number of credits: 120
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The aim of the programme is to train professionals who - possessing extensive knowledge - are capable of developing a strategic approach in order to ensure the survival and development of enterprises, possess decision-making skills, understand international economy and able to manage human resources, organizations and other activities of enterprises. As a result, students’ career ambitions are being supported – throughout the programme, and the post-graduate specialist diploma earned at the end thus contributes to the students’ future promotion to managerial positions.

The graduate students of the course:

  • will not only possess relevant knowledge but will also be capable of independent work and decision-making as well as strategic, entrepreneurial thinking due to the practice-orientated training;
  • will be able to use their in-depth knowledge in practice, to plan, arrange and manage the operational procedures of the public and private sector both at domestic and international level, and to manage people and teams;
  • will be capable of handling business management related tasks, making reports, analyses and surveys, doing individual and teamwork;
  • will be able to recognize business related problems, prepare the decision-making processes to enforce problem solving, collect and analyse necessary data;
  • will be able to recognize strategic issues and participate in problem-solving;
  • will have a sound knowledge of the business processes in terms of operation, development, regularity and communication;
  • will be knowledgeable about the scientific literature and able to use their knowledge in order to solve practical problems.

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