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Program-designer IT Specialist Post-Graduate Diploma Course

Title of award: Program-designer IT Specialist
Field of training: Informatics
Pre-requisite degree: BA or BSc degree in IT, Natural, Technical, Agricultural or Economic Sciences
Required level of English language proficiency: minimum B2 level (IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL iBT 72 or equivalent)
Duration: 2 semesters
Form of training: full-time
Number of credits: 60
Fees and Finances

NB: For this programme applicants from Iran are exclusively admitted through DreamLand Agency. Please, contact them at office office@dreamlandco.org


The aim of the programme is to train IT specialists who relying on their previous qualifications can acquire the basics of program- and web-design as well as the technique of object-oriented programming, the structure of databases and the use of SQL.

This programme was designed based on a thorough research of the labour market for students who wish to start a new career either in their original field of training but coupling it with their newly acquired IT competences, or in a completely new field as program-designer IT-specialists.

The graduate student of the programme will be able to:

  • apply the basics of program- and web-design;
  • implement the technique of object-oriented programming;
  • understand the multi-level application logic;
  • comprehend the structure of databases;
  • apply SQL (Structured Query Language);
  • develop software in a Java environment;
  • create and develop database-based web-applications through the use of web-based frameworks.

Knowledge and information to be acquired during the programme:

  • basic and core material (66%):
    IT basics, algorithms – for 10 credits;
    the basics of the Java-language programming and the JavaScript language, programmed management of files, object-oriented programming, the designing of simple websites, database management, the application of SQL – for 20 credits;
  • differentiated professional material (33%):
    the designing of web applications, visual programming, the Java environment for development, technologies for software development – for 15 credits; thesis – 15 credits.

Personal characteristics and skills to be improved during the programme:

  • skills that are necessary for converting the learnt material into practical implementation
  • the ability of summarizing the completed tasks and their results in a professional way
  • skills that are necessary for the creative completion of assignments related to the topics of the programme
  • motivation to complete engineering tasks independently

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