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Beatrix Szatmári

I am glad to have studied Commerce and Marketing at WBS as the courses were taught by excellent tutors who have a wide range of experience and unquestionable expertise in their fields. With my degree I have a wider range of options to find employment. Due to the multidirectional training programme, one can find jobs in many fields. During the three years my experiences were only positive as a very friendly student community was formed. I recommend the programme to all those who wish to pursue a career in the field of economics.

Éva Galambos

I could meet lecturers who shed light on new perspectives by their professional know-how, and help me with my professional career. As a proud employee of IBM, I can say that my current position was founded by the knowledge, skills and results that I achieved at WBS. As a Golden Graduate of WBS, I recommend the school to all who seek to improve and acquire profound knowledge in the field of economics.

Kamdem-S Djoko Pascale Melaine

’I love that the school is international, students are everywhere, they take part in everything and talk to each other. They are very open people here – both the students and teachers.

The classes are quite good, most teachers are PhD, which I also like. The best thing about Budapest is the architecture: I love the buildings and the infrastructure. Also, Hungarian people are really sociable and fun.’

Patrik Kovács

Many acquaintances of mine study at WBS, so I have first-hand information. For me, being an entrepreneur, theoretical knowledge is also necessary in addition to the practical. I chose this programme, as these skills are essential for any manager or entrepreneur. There are internationally acknowledged experts among the teaching staff, which also convinced me of my receiving a great education.

Molonge Abawah Ivo

’I like this school firstly because the admission procedure was very good and easy, not so complicated. The office staff is very welcoming, they listen to their students and always give the best solution they have. The teachers are up-to-date and explicit, and teacher-student relationship is really-really good. They care not only about studies but also current events and social life.’

Abusaa Motassem Mukhtar Kh

Being a student at Wekerle Business School is a great pleasure for me, not only because here I am always learning new subjects, but also because I am in a very inspiring international environment. The academic staff is professional with very up-to-date knowledge, and are always available, thus helping the students to learn more successfully. In fact, I joined the BA program in Commerce and Marketing with some work experience, but I can say that the skills and knowledge that I have gained here are practical as well as relevant and have helped me better understand the reality of commerce in our globalized world. I definitely recommend the program to every person who is eager to improve him/herself in this area.

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