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Our school building is located in the heart of the capital city, near Corvin Quarter, where there are plenty of shops, cafés and apartments to rent.
All our educational programmes have been designed and are run according to the Bologna Process, thus WBS degrees, diplomas and certifi cates are recognised as qualifi cations of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) all over the world.
High-level academic education is always combined with practical training, which is ensured by highly qualifi ed tutors who also have many years of work experience in the world of business.
A wide range of research opportunities are deeply embedded in the programmes, and allow students to exploit their initiation and creativity as well as to integrate various cultural aspects into their scientific papers and presentations.
Our teaching methodology firmly builds on student involvement, which does not only make the lessons more enjoyable and memorable, but also contributes to a healthy group-dynamics within an international community.
Education is constantly supported by the services of the International Student Office, that of the Career Office, and that of the Technical Department: there is free WIFI access in the whole area of the school, in classrooms, in the library and in the Internet hall, where students can relax and prepare in between their lessons, and it is also possible to print materials on demand.
An academic scholarship is available for the students with the best academic results, as well as a community-building scholarship for students who manage to increase the international community of WBS by recommending the school to their friends and acquaintances. Both scholarships are available from the 3rd semester of a student’s programme.
WBS students may also attend a preparatory programme before their Bachelor studies if they wish to bridge the gap between secondary and tertiary education. The preparatory programme includes courses in English, Mathematics, European Civilizations and Informatics.

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